Terry's Kids was a big success this year.  The Lord has blessed us in a variety of ways. 

By the numbers...

We received $1,629.00 this year to support the ministry.  A total of $1,679.86 was spent!  Just $50.86 more than what we received - Praise God.  That money was used to minister to approximately 50 children.  2 Volunteers spent 4 days shopping, several volunteers spent two days wrapping and others spent a couple of days delivering.  Through the midst of the effort we believe that our #1 goal was met - To glorify God.  He loves a cheerful giver. 

If you gave - Thank you

If you helped deliver - Thank you

If you helped shop - Thank you

If you helped wrap - Thank you

If you prayed - THANK YOU!!

You can still give - Christmas is a short 1 year away.  God bless and above all else - We thank you, Lord!

What is Terry’s Kids?  Terry’s Kids is an opportunity to do something special for children whose father or mother happens to be incarcerated during the Christmas season.  What we do is give men and women cards to fill out.  The card includes names, likes, ages, and gender.  Once we get the cards back, we then go out and purchase gifts (sometimes we have people who actually donate gifts based on what is on the card).  After the gifts are purchased or received we then take a few days to wrap them all up, address them and categorize them.  Finally, we pick a couple or so days to deliver them.  The ones that are relatively local, we deliver.  We try to use the time during delivery to minister to the ones taking care of the children.  We include something for them too.

Our main need is prayer.  Please pray for us to have opportunity to witness.  We need prayer for safe roads.  Please pray for the necessary resources to make this happen.  Your prayers are vital to this ministry.

If you wish to donate to this cause, please use the “donate” button on the main page.  Please include a person note in the donation that this is for Terry’s Kids.  God Bless

Please check back from time to time to see how the Lord is blessing.